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I spoke about in a previous post in winter weddings, at that time we talked about the perfect complement for a winter wedding, but do not focus on anything in particular. Today I will dedicate a blog cachito brides who marry in winter and want a pretty wedding dresses with sleeves.

Collection after collection see how designers include models with long sleeves, they are not the most common, but if your wedding is in winter you have many more options. You can opt for a pretty wedding dresses with sleeves or a more low cut and put a little jacket or bolero for times you’re outdoors.

my pretty wedding dresses

I’ve been thinking about my pretty wedding dresses with sleeves since I know they exist, that is, all my life, but has never given me to value this option. I think it would be comfortable in the dance, I give everything on the track and in the case of the sleeves can not be removed, I think it will be more of a hindrance than anything else.

On the other hand, my idea is to get married in the summer so I do not have the need to include a sleeveless outfit in my perfect bride. But you never know. Anyway, I think if I married a long winter and you would get a French manga, and lace or silk, not more.

my pretty wedding dresses

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