Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses 2015


Delivers stunning Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses, also their suite- and cocktail collection is one to be proud of. These are the words Kim de Beck Linea. “Dresses 2015 are still a huge hit. All we can speak of a revival of jackets and blazers. ”

Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses 2015

First of all, you prefer suite- or cocktail dress as a name?

Under suite clothes we mean the clothing worn by the guests of a wedding party. Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses is worn at weddings and on other occasions such as anniversaries and special events. Until recently it was so suite clothes often looked very formal and was used specifically for that one day. In recent years, our customers, however, that they want to suite- well as a cocktail dress wear often and as we give them. Responding to this question, we have our collections so tuned that you can all pay much more than before. Often special accessories are removable. For example, we are thinking of a belt with sequins or short skirts long over. Once gone, you have the perfect outfit to go to your next dinner party, reception, cruise or happening.

What is unique to you and suite- cocktail dress?

Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses 2015

The unique Linea Rafaela is that we work with a variety of fun color themes. We choose the substances in our familiar Italian and Spanish suppliers and complement it with the most beautiful accessories, lace and details. We really want to be proud of the designs that we develop. Are this requires a lot of efforts both in terms of design and workmanship fit. Before a model is perfectly on point, go different prototypes in advance. Quality and durability, fit, comfort are our key words.

What are the trends at the moment?

We have worked with the upcoming collections, supple, graceful skirts and Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses. Dresses still have the upper hand. Although our customers last season’s less jackets or boleros wore their dress, we notice quite a revival of young beautiful assorted jackets and blazers. That gives an outfit just a little bit more cachet, especially in a real suite. In retrospect it is also perfectly wearable by a trousers or jeans. Back again are the long dresses. In the new collections we have in any color theme a number. There are also strikingly dresses with special sometimes deeply cut backs in the collection.

Short or long, how do you choose?

Basically, it can be both. We regularly have brides who wish to express their wedding guests to wear long. Have that is perfect. At Linea Rafaela we also give the opportunity to work out some dresses long, or we just have both: the short and long versions in the collection.

Can pants in the suite?

Although we trousers have in our collection, we can see that the preference of most ladies go for a dress. A dress of course, remains still more elegant and feminine than trousers.

Previously, you could as a guest not choose white or ecru because of the wedding dress. Is that still the case?

It is so that in the new 2015 collection is the theme off-white / runs along one of the finest in the collection. Previously, it was indeed a taboo to appear in this kind of shades at a wedding. But we see more and more given here less offensive. Besides these ensembles are also popular with women for example celebrate an anniversary or getting married later in life.

What do you think is the importance of accessories?

Accessories make your outfit. Or cracking they are for us of such a great importance that we have a special design department for shoes, handbags and jewelry for years. From the moment the clothing begins to take shape, our designers are looking for the perfect models and designs to ensure optimal collection come. Into own often that which a sober lined unit dress choose what goes into the eccentric accessories and vice versa

How long in advance you need to purchase your suite clothes?

The outspoken period for the choice of the summer collection is February, March, April. The concept shops you’ll see the big picture in that period. You can see all color themes and an optimal range of footwear, bags and jeweler. Later in the season to go, there are certain groups of no more complete or specific issues have been exhausted. Got your senses are specific dresses you best not waiting too long. Notwithstanding come later than between collections.

Because our collections ‘made ​​in Europe’, we have a comprehensive and flexible service, we can provide the most special wishes answer to an 8 or 9 many weeks.

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Short Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses 2015mother of the bride short dresses with jacketsShort Lace Mother Of The Bride Dresses

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